Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photos of Inspiration

The dueling one is dresses in a western 18th century style made from African wax print fabric. So cool! PS: I am really on a roll; there is a post before this.


Em said...

M, I LOVE Yinka Shonibare. So glad you included one of his pieces. I just saw his ship in a bottle at the modern art museum in Stockholm :)Have you seen the astronaut/alien ones he's done?

M said...

i'm embarrassed to say i just found it on google image search when i was looking for wax print fabrics (my dad is going to south africa and i was hoping he could bring some back- or can you mostly find them in ghana only? do you know?)

anyway, i looked him up and they're all awesome, i'd like to see them in person because they're so detailed...also, it's really cool to see clothing used so much in sculpture.

Simone said...

Wax print cloth is more from Ghana than South Africa. When I was there I saw some stuff but not a huge amount. Is your dad going to cape town? Emily and I can give him tips about where to go! (mostly emily as I can't remember the names of anything).

Way to not know your art, maaaannnnn.