Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Love You Thursdays/Icons and Role Models: Stevie Nicks

Here is my new idea for posts, on Thursdays, even though I can never keep up with any "features" I promise: The rare famous people whom I love. Today we are featuring Ms. Stevie Nicks.

I used to think Fleetwood Mac was the gayest band in the world. When I was in high school, I thought anything that didn't sound like Television or The Dead Boys or something was totally fruity and soft rock. I refused to listen to synthesizers, and I probably didn't even like most female vocalists. In many ways, it was my friend Gerard from college who taught me not to take heed to fascist and typically "masculine" music standards, which really widened my horizons, man.

Anyway, now I love Fleetwood Mac- especially the Stevie songs, though I must agree with my other friend, Julia, when she says she likes the oft-overlooked Christie McVee songs, even though Christie wrote like a zillion hits for the band, from the singer songwritery to the mega hits like "Don't Stop". But I love Stevie because her songs have the slow and slightly-grinding-but-smooth-but hard-at-the-same-time 70's rock sound. They are catchy but intense, hard rocking but almost feline in nature. In any event, she is extremely talented but rather underrated in the world of rock music, and I think people forget that Fleetwood Mac is largely a female-driven band.

Stevie's look was a gypsy/boho/witchy/ragged orphan/disco kind of thing, which was uniquely her own, and it fit her music well. Though she had a feminine and flowy look, she was fierce and drag queenworthy; apparently there is a party in New York called "The Night of 1,000 Stevies" in which everyone (meaning gays) dress up like Stevie. Simone and Gaby always say they're going to go to that. (Way to name drop!)

Christine McVie's pants here rule! I want jeans like that!

Anyway, I love how her look was so distinctly feminine and over-the-top and showy but she was a seriously talented person, not unlike other faves like Betty Davis or Dolly Parton.

In conclusion, Stevie Nicks rules. She is also totally coked out in 99% of these photos, probs.


Lizbit said...

I've never been as familiar with Miss Nicks' style and music as I'd like to be, so your post increases my curiosity. This calls for illegal downloads and a long skirt.

M said...

yeah, try "gold dust women" or "you make lovin' fun"...maybe just get "rumours!"

Anonymous said...

!!! YES !!! Dylan and I have often made plans to attend Night of a Thousand Stevies"... maybe this next year we can all go. I think it is in May? I've got a Christine McVie top hat that's going to look ridiculous.

xo, julia.