Friday, June 22, 2007

Because Sometimes Knickers Are Refreshing

Sometimes I wonder if, to the outsider, there appears to be any rhyme or reason to what I praise on this blog and what I decry. Hopefully the explanations I offer make some sort of sense to my gentle readers. Why am I offering this declaimer? Because I find a certain charm to the outfit on the left. I'm sure the guy pictures is a bit of a tool and all, and sure, some of that may shine through in the photo, but you have to appreciate someone who just dresses like a 1910's sporting gentleman from the neck down. (The hair looks more like it belongs in a 1960's-era production of Hamlet, but I think it works okay.) There's no nu rave tomfoolery, no knee-grazing crotches, no comically oversized glasses or wildly tapering jeans. See, if you're going to go for some modern dandy thing, you don't have to attach a pizza to your head like this guy (PS: that link is really scary), you can just Great Gatsby it up in the classiest way possible and you won't look back on your photos when you're old and wonder why you dressed like such a retard.

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Gaby + Simone said...

if that guy wasn't so obviously a 'mo I would totally make out with him, based on his outfit alone. That's right, fellas: pull on yr knickers and come n' get it!