Friday, June 22, 2007

I Liked It: The "Magic" Edition

Simone pointed out this look to me, after it was it was criticized on both on Go Fug Yourself and eonline's significantly less bitchy but still sometimes funny Fashion Police (it's somewhere in there, anyway) for being you know, sort of insane. Well, it is an insane look, but what's so awful about that? It really does look as if someone has taken a wand to it, and it's exploded in some sort of glittering, feathery frenzy. If witches really did go to balls, I'd like to think they'd wear something like this instead of the much fruitier pink one she wore in the movie. I also think this look of hers is sort of charming in a 1920's, "dancing around the Maypole" type of way, and I think it's nice how Emma Watson takes fashion risks and doesn't just wear the same sack-like tunic everyday like her peers. Also, I'm excited for book #7 and the movie even though they'll probably be sort of disappointing/I'll have lots of complaints about Hermione's character falling into a stereotypical feminine storyline!


Gaby + Simone said...

is the fucking funniest thing they ever had on gofugyourself. I am also excited about the new movie/book, though I know the book will be dissapointing, ultimately. and probably not feminist enough. I dunno, I also think emma watson is real pretty. That dress is FIERCE. If I were a movie star, I would wear shit like that all the fucking time, and, like, actually carry a "magic" "wand," if you know what i mean.

M said...

i can only assume you mean a "vibrator."

M said...

also, that link doesn't work. can you repost it? i want to see!

Gaby + Simone said...

you'll have to copy and paste the three sections into the browser. i'm not all smart with them computers.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you biznatches just send each other emailzzzz?

xo Gm