Sunday, June 17, 2007

Night Terrors 'n Newsboy Caps

You know, when you are having a bad dream, you tend to realize with a sinking feeling that something awful has happened? Maybe you found out you murdered someone, or got pregnant, or a were naked in a crowd of people. Well, I seriously had a dream like this about a black leather newsboy cap. I was staring in the mirror in this dream, with a terrible, unsettling feeling. Something was awry. Something was terrible. Then I realized what it was: I was wearing one of those floppy black leather newsboy caps, in public. And upon waking, I was flooded with relief.

I'm not saying that wearing such a hat is akin to murdering someone or anything, I'm just pointing something out. If this story had a moral, maybe it would that you should never wear something that goes against your personal style because you will feel uncomfortable. Either that, or that newsboy caps are really hideous.

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