Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quite a Hat

Hats used to be like little sculptures that sat on one's head, decorated with net veils and little stuffed birds and faux flowers. I can only imagine a time when a woman would out on a suit and add a charming little hat, not for warmth, or to protect her hair, but to add a little zip and elegance to an outfit.

However, wearing hats today is difficult, as they can look a bit silly and pretentious, and most people choose instead to wear the dreaded newsboy cap or the surprisingly trendy (but usually douchy) bowler. But this young woman has put together her outfit very well, adding a neutral colored but slightly insane 40's printed hat to her pretty ensemble. The colors echo that of her dress, which I don't think is vintage but has a vintage-inspired shape, and her bright red accessories, all of which are super cute, echo the strong graphic statement her entire outfit makes. Kudos to this lady for not bowing to the current trend of sacks and nu rave and garments with Micky Mouse on them, and instead create an eccentric and charming look of her own.


Gaby + Simone said...

we're cuter.

M said...

if we're so great, how come we never wear hats?