Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Frankie Says Relax" Redux

I will tell you one thing, my friends: I have had just about enough of these fugly "House of Holland" t-shirts that seem to be all over every fashion blog in the world, the pages of teen/regular Vogue magazine, and, perhaps most notably, waif du jour Agynes Deyn (if you're in the know, like the people who wear these clever tees, you would refer to her as "Agy." Not me, though. I won't pretend I can pronounce her name, which apparently is really Jessica something anyway.)

I started seeing these about a couple months ago, and naturally, I ignored them. Emblazoned with witty slogans and "shout outs" to fashion world people only .000001% of the population has probably even heard about, they feature nu rave-esque neon, plus all the glamour of a beefy tee. However, they still have not gone away. Call me snotty, but I think it should take more than ripping off a Frankie Says Relax t-shirt from the 80's to set the fashion world on fire. And I'm pretty sure I wore something like this to summer camp with pleated shorts in the early 90's, and the idea of revisiting all that really kind of freaks me out.


Gaby + Simone said...

also, all the sayings on those shirts are, like, "let's have nasty sex, random trendy designer," which is just so gross. like, fashion people are so unsexy/sexless, you know? what they really should say is something like, "do a line of coke off my ass, carmen cass" or "let's swallow some 'ludes, garreth plugh."

Timewarp said...

If I was more trendy I'd be able to tell if that pic was of a dude or a chick.