Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Owner of a Lonely Heart" is Stuck in my Head

Why, you ask, am I posting these photos of rags on my blog? Why, they are not rags, but part of the new, minimalist fashion line of the Olsen twins, currently being featured at Barney's, and full of deals and steals like $300 t-shirts and whatnot. This is like how Mandy Moore's fashion line, the annoyingly named Mblem, with the even more annoying description of "vintage contemporary tees" (what the hell is vintage about this? vintage means old, you fools) is supposed to feature that perfect $85 t-shirt you could never find. I don't know what kind of rich people are bemoaning the fact that they can never find a good t-shirt when there is practically no design involved in making them and there are ten million available for $7, but whatever. I guess they are the same sort of people who think American Apparel really makes a well-priced product that just can't be found anywhere else.

Anyway, it's all very fascinating,- I really love that long gray tank dress old MK is showing us in the last picture. It looks very flattering, unique, and well-designed. Apparently "The Row" has sold really well, probably to the same public that buys Britney's perfume and The Jaime collection by Jaime Pressley. I'm really sure that all these "designers" are constantly hard at work on their "designs."

Also, I just spent like twenty minutes trying to find this one photo of Fergie's line for Kipling (remember those hideous nylon bags with the monkey hanging off them that were really expensive and I dreamed of owning in seventh grade?) that I saw in an old People magazine and stared at for like five minutes in order to make a reference to Paris Is Burning in relation to them, but of course I couldn't find the right one, so the pic at the end of this post will have to do, even though it doesn't look nearly as Paris Is Burning as the other one.

But, I admit, I don't really hate the Olsens. I hate aspects of the Olsens, many aspects I guess, but I guess what I appreciate about them (mostly Mary Kate) is that they sometimes look completely psychotic in the name of fashion, and, in their own troll-like way, seem very devoted to it in a way that other self-proclaimed fashion-loving starlets (Lindsay Lohan, for instance) don't. They don't just wear the latest trends their stylist put them in, and sometimes they look crazy, and not just because of their blank and hungry eyes.

As a visual aid, I've added this photo of Mary Kate super Stevie Nicks-ed out at the supermarket, or the one above where she is wearing the fur jacket. She kind of looks like a crazy old lady in these pictures, or a fashionable gremlin. I also really felt jealous of this beautiful vintage lace dress Ashley wore to the premiere of the classic film Troy. I mean, technically I'm against all they stand for, but I'd rather look at photos of the Olsens clothes than of most famous people.

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Simone said...

ohmigod, is that jaime pressley collection really called "J'aime"? jesus christ.

Also, I had no idea the dutchess was making bags. It makes sense that it's the brand with the monkey hanging off of it- something I would have given my left pinky finger for when i was about 11 years old.

Looking at the olsens makes me sick. they're so fucking anoxeric skinny, it's so obvious all that layering is to cover up their body dysmorphia or whatever. i can't look.