Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mary's Musings


I was going to write a post, but for some reason I cannot upload photos from the computer I am working on, so I thought I'd just ramble a little bit. (It was actually going to be one of my lazy-on-my-part but inspiring photo posts, so assume one of those is upcoming, assuming blogger works, which it never seems to.)

-Let's discuss the "Bluetooth." The more I see people with these devices, the more I feel like gritting my teeth. I feel ashamed enough to be be yakking on my phone in public places, but I would die before actually attaching one to my head. Have you ever been in that eerie situation in which it appears someone is talking to themself because they are staring straight ahead and having a conversation and you assume they are uniquely crazy but then you realize no, they are just enjoying a hands-free phone call? It's so awkward and strange, and blurs the line between personal and private, and communicating and not communicating. Oh, and it makes you look like a MASSIVE TOOL.

-Technology in general. Is anyone else getting the feeling that bookstores, books, coin money, possibly paper money, video stores, letter writing, and non digital-anything is beginning to stagger towards its demise? How strange is it that I, at 24, feel like technology is moving creepily fast. I hate feeling nostalgic for the early days of computers and the internet (Hey, remember when everyone had their own crappy Geocities page? Chat rooms? What about DOS, guys?????) but it is pretty staggering that this field is advancing so fast that stuff that happened ten years ago has become completely obsolete, while the ways we get our information have changed irrevocably. Plus, technology is unattractive even though it allows things as beautiful as this blog. Speaking of which, I hate Blogger- should I be switching to something else?

-What about Sarah Palin's daughter being pregnant? How frustrating is it that this should be opening up a dialogue about the failures of abstinence-based sex education but it's totally not? This article Simone sent me details the "zombie feminism" represented by Palin and her ilk. Also, why are potential presidents even allowed to choose their "veeps" this late? It just encourages the kind of retarded damage control choices (ie, Obama trying to appear more like an old white guy and McCain trying to appear less like one) that inevitably get made prior to the election.

-Hey, how come NO GOOD MOVIES COME OUT EVER? Seriously, is there ever anything you want to see? Dan and I were discussing this recently- particularly, why do so many movie star Nicholas Cage? Can people bear to look at his face or something?


Gatesca Pantomima said...

ugh, my personal problem with cage is his out-of-control hair and his poor wig choices. it makes me cringe. i remember he used to be a somewhat interesting actor but now i dread every new film of his that comes out.

amen to what you said about bristol palin and technology (but ah! the joys of blogs and ipods..)

p.s. hi!

Simone said...

Did you see American Teen ever? Because that movie was amazing, like a 2 hour long episode of True Life, the greatest tv show in the world. Other than that I've got nothing, movie-wise.

M said...

dear simone,
no, i never saw it. i will watch it when it comes out on dvd, i guess.

ALSO, i kind of want to watch high school confidential again.

hi, gatesca! yeah, i found more horrifying photos of nicholas cage but when i think "horifying" and "nicholas cage" what i really think is "weave." so i had to include that one.

based on what i translated from your interests, it seems we have much in common.

Julia said...

mary! i have been off the internet for like two weeks! and this was the first place i checked in on when i got my laptop set up again!
a couple things:

a) the new nick cage movie got SERIOUSLY terrible reviews and i think i heard that it had the worst movie opening weekend ever? like, it made less money on opening day than any other movie ever released? is that possible? is it possible to suck that much?

b) re: hating technology.
i walked into work today and saw that jonathan richman had a new seven inch out (be still my heart!) and the a-side is a song called "You Can Have a Cell Phone, That's OK, But Not Me".

Anonymous said...

britney spears has a song called 'e-mail my heart'. i feel this is related to encroaching technology and the importance of birth control.

Gatesca Pantomima said...

aww you took the trouble to translate. it made me feel really touched, despite the fact we don't know each other. or precisely because of that!
this is the blog I created to write in my native Spanish, because the internet for is primarly an english-speaking space and my mother tongue is slowly resenting. I write in English here:
but it's kinda boring (on that note, I enjoy your blog immensely)

M said...

i don't want to give too much credit to myself...a lot of what i "translated" was along the lines of "ebay" and "the simpsons."

Ms. X said...

technology is advancing creepily fast. no doubt about it. and interestingly enough, based on what i see at the high school, it seems to be causing the rapid retardation of teenagers.