Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Save Bitch Magazine

Hi Again,
Yay! Photos are working again!

Anyway, I would like to ask everyone a small, monetary-based favor. My very favorite magazine, Bitch, which has been around for over ten years, is out of money, and basically needs to raise $40K by October 15th. As I mused in my last entry, non-technology based media isn't faring so well these days, and they are feeling the strain, and may have to fold completely if people don't come up with some cash and/or new subscriptions.

Perhaps you are wondering something like, "Hey, I don't give money to starving orphans so why should I give it to some magazine?" I will tell you why: because independent media is really important, in part because it is still accessible in a way that online media still is not. Over the past couple of years, dozens of small magazines have folded, and that means that while once the new stands of places like Borders might have actually featured something besides the weight-loss tips of High School Musical stars, they may soon be filled with nothing but. (BTW, Bitch is not above intelligently discussing High School Musical or anything.)

If you have never read Bitch I would highly recommend getting a subscription (a great way to donate!!!!) It's a funny, intelligent, and incredibly well-written journal focused on "feminist responses to pop culture." Meaning the articles may range from everything to whether Prince is feminist, to interviews with female comedians/writers/etc, to discussing how advertisements target women in negative ways, to trans activism, to why everyone should love Strangers With Candy. I actually went to the website because I wanted to propose an article about why most fashion blogs suck. Yes, they publish stuff like that. We shall never get to see an article like that (or, you know, my unique voice) in Teen Vogue.

Here is a link to a short video about raising money and how to donate. They are a non-profit, so technically it's tax-deductible (though does anyone really know what that means?) I would also really recommend subscribing instead- of you like this blog, you will probably like Bitch as well.

PS: I don't work for Bitch or anything. In fact, they rejected my last article (based on TV's Rock of Love) because they said they had already published something on that show but I kind of don't think that's true. But I still love them.

PPS: Is this grunge redux out of control or what?


Isabel said...

I love Bitch magazine? Yeesh, how did I not know this?

M said...

well, luckily they made the 40K...but I still think it's sort of a temporary solution, so i'm worried about their future.