Saturday, January 10, 2009

RiTS: Greatest Hits

I had a grand plan to do a two-yearly, Greatest Hits round-up, but this is as far as I got (though, really, there are kind of a lot here.) Here are some of my fav posts, according to category!

General Fug

Hipster Douche Category
The "Lanyard" Line

Feminism Category
Bad Art

Fashion Idealogy Category


snob said...

Love your blog. Admittedly, I also love wearing "man pants" and those "collapsing ankle boots" which make me feel like I'm a galloping horse (childhood fantasy). That's the difference between Rick Owens and the downmarket "column of shit".

M said...

i understand it is possible to wear even things i make fun of (in general) with panache. i also support horses as fashion inspiration. thank you for reading my blog!