Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My New Shoes

I can't believe I got these 70's shoes on ebay for only $15. The woman who was selling them was also selling some platform sandals and said she wore them to several Van Halen shows before Van Halen was signed in 1977. Oh man, I bet everyone looked so awesome at those concerts. I love stuff like that. I also love these shoes! They're almost too good to wear. Check out the snakeskin details, wavy wedge and sky-high height! See, all those designer wedge oxfords from last year or whatever were just copies of 70's shoes! Take that, Marni or whatever!


The Snob said...

Those are soooooooooooo cool. (And now to

Simone said...

those are pretty spectacular. man, to be at those van halen shows. there was herpes in the air that night, i'm sure.