Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seal of Approval: Topanga and The Dish

When I created this "Seal of Approval" label I thought I was going to use it, you know, occasionally. But it turns out I never use it, except for Amy Winehouse two years ago. I certainly have never thought I would use it for a show starring Topanga, but, hey, this show starring Topanga is alright! It's on the Style network, and is kind of like a "The Soup" for the ladies, but without that grating Jim Carrey-like guy who is on it. Like Amy Winehouse's whatever music, I'm not going to endorse it the way I would say, David Bowie's crotch in these pants, but, you know, if it's on TV, you should watch it. It's pretty funny! Also, someone should give ME a show. The end.

PS: That's not her original nose, is it? (Topanga, not Katy Holmes. We all know Katy's is fake, fake, fake.)
PPS: That's also not a real youtube link. Just a photo.


Em said...

OMG. Danielle Fischel?! I guess E! is rewarding her after the supposed trauma of being Lance Bass's beard.

And given the fact that Katie Holmes does the same service for Tom Cruise, the juxtaposition is too much.

Em said...

whoops. Not E!, Style. That's the network she's on, right?

M said...

Yeah, it's on the Style Network- kind of the poor man's E, with a makeover spin!

Lance Bass' beard?! Oh man, I want to see Danielle Fischel interviewed on Chelsea Lately.

Lizbit said...

yeah...since I was practically raised watching Boy Meets World, the show is awesome despite me not having a television to watch it. However, I miss the Topanga in season 1...she was really cool until the producers realized she was too pretty to be a hippy( because god knows hippies can't be pretty*rollseyes*)

Anonymous said...

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