Monday, May 14, 2007

Hel Looks: Whatta Bargain

Sebastian, 17, is really proud of his jacket, which he got in Estonia for fifteen cents. Well, let me tell you something, Sebastian: that jacket looks like an Estonian sold it to you for fifteen cents. It has "Former Soviet Block" written all over it, and I for one, would not wear it if paid far more than that.

How can these loudly colored, early 90's nylon windbreakers have become popular? Paired with a fashion mullet, hideous yellow 80's shades, tight pants that accentuate his oh-s- voluptuous frame, and what appears to be some kind of purse, he doesn't look so much fashionable as he does like an actual Estonian youth from 1992, one who is just catching on the trends of the American 80's. Did he also find a broken Right Said Fred cassette tape in Estonia and rush back to Sweden to tell his friends he only paid $5 for it? Because it probably would have been a better deal.

1 comment:

Gaby + Simone said...

nothing says "former soviet bloc" like an emaciated hipster in a colorblock windbreaker. I would beat him up, but it would be kinda like kicking someone while they're down, you know?