Friday, May 4, 2007

Taking Risks

It's all very well and good when you think things have potential on the hanger, but putting them on your body is another story. Being well-dressed is much more about putting things together in a creative, and yes, flattering way than it is about choosing "unique" items and wearing them just because you're into the "illusion" of having nothing but a bra on, when, in fact, you're wearing a mesh shirt for some reason. Case in point: this outfit.

Here we have high-waisted, pleated linen shorts that crinkle rather perfectly into an oversized camel toe (If you try on pants or shorts that pull and crinkle over your hips and thighs like that, don't buy them- they're supposed to lie flat, not look like they're being sucked into your crotch) and a trompe lo'oiel top that I guess is supposed to fool people into thinking you're not wearing a shirt.

Clothing should be fun. You should take risks and wear things that other people are afraid of. But you should also consider whether that item looks good on you, and if you're wearing it because it happens to be popular right now or if it truly is a special item. When your wonderful, unique look also happens to be all over H&M, maybe it's time to rethink your inspiration. And then of course some things are just eternally ugly.

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Gaby + Simone said...

ohmigod, don't you have anything to say about our mortal enemy?!!!