Monday, May 14, 2007

Ugly UO Item of the Day: Baggy Plaid

Oh my, are these ugly! Here we have a saggy Madras cami that balloons out in a most unfortunate way. In case the chaotically ugly mix of pastel plaid and puffiness weren't enough, there's actually a ruffle crammed somewhere on there. Also, what's the point of wearing a tank top that clearly doesn't cover enough, making you wear another one underneath?

But who really cares about that cami, when there is a much more foul item, the Lux Full Sleeve Plaid Top, lurking on the very same website? What is up with this thing? How is it meant to be worn? If Urban Outfitters has anything to say, with black high waisted jeans, creating the most early 90's silhouette known to man. This is one of those pieces of clothing that really makes me angry, because it's not just something you could find at Goodwill, it's something that would be ugly even compared to other early 90's clothes at Goodwill, and here it is being recreated for $48.

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