Thursday, May 17, 2007

Please Fade Into Oblivion

I remember when Avril Lavigne came out, and I hated her and all for being a hollow tool of the media and a pathetic stand-in for a non-Britney-esque female pop star, but then I was like, "At least her non-sexed up image and seemingly rebellious attitude presents a slightly better role model for young girls, even if it's not authentic." She was always saying she'd never show her boobs and use that to sell stuff and I guess I believed that for some reason.

But here's the final nail in the coffin; clearly she has nothing to offer anymore, and I have to say, yeah, I'm a little disappointed, even though obviously her "career" was heading in this direction from day one. Plus- let's not pretend her ribs weren't airbrushed out of this photo.

Also,who reads "music" magazines such as Blender or Rolling Stone or even pseud0-indie ones like Mojo? They must have no souls.


Gaby + Simone said...

sing it, sister! sing it!

Anonymous said...

did you know avril lavine is being sued for ripping off that song "i wanna be your boyfirend" by the rubinoos? you can hear a comparison on be curious to know what you think..