Thursday, October 25, 2007

Face Hunted!

Finally, after complaining a lot that no one ever takes my photo for a street style website, I got stopped after eating on 16th and Valencia on one of those few but amazing hot, sunny Indian summer days in San Francisco during which I could actually wear a sundress without adding tights, boots, a scarf, and a cardigan that covers up the sundress.

Because I read a billion blogs/recognized the photographer from her blog, I immediately thought to myself, "My time has arrived! A street style photograph!" before she even started pulling out the camera. If I had known my time was arriving beforehand, I probably would have put on lipstick and painted my toenails, as my feet look hella gross in that picture, (plus I later realized I have much better shoes for this dress.) and I feel my face looks puffy, but whatever- my dress is cute, and I did get lots of compliments on it that day, mostly from old foreign ladies.

Besides not saying anything interesting about my inspiration, I also failed to mention the blog because I am always afraid to mention it to others because it is not sunny and upbeat. Kind of like I am afraid to say things at work because I think other people will find me sarcastic and negative. I guess I will have to leave the promotion aspect to my large and varied readership.


Simone said...

yay! and in that dress you're always wanting to wear but never do because it's too damn cold in SF!

i was in soho yesterday wandering around after dropping off my illustrations at fringe, and i looked pretty cute, and i kept thinking, "man, the sartorialist should photograph me!" but then i really thought about it, and the sartorialist would never take a picture of me. i'm neither tall nor skinny, nor do i wear anything trendy/designer, and i never wear heels. anyway, my thoughts as i walked around were, "my fierceness is wasted on you fools!" Only drag queens and other 'mos really seem to appreciate us, mary.

Simone said...

also, wow, the rest of that fashion photo blog is a sea of terrible-dresses fug!

Anonymous said...

adorable you are

thats how you or yoda would say it


Perfect Ratio said...

If this is a lesson to all of us, and it is, the moral to be taken away from it is ALWAYS LOOK HAWT BECAUSE BLOGGERS WITH CAMERAS ARE EVERYWHERE. Congrats, because you look adorbs! And ur famous!

M said...

thanks for all the compliments. dan said i looked kind of toothless in this photo, and i have to agree. but at least i am not wearing a gray sack, you know? i think you probably all know.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this and I think you look swell, Stropels!