Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm Going to be a Huge Tool for Halloween, What About You?

I can only hope this is a photo of someone in a Halloween costume, and the costume is of a lame, poorly dressed hipster trying to be Agyness Deyn. For the love of god people, will you stop wearing huge glasses! Soon the world will no longer be able to handle this many oversized non-prescription frames, and sorority girls are going to be like, "Wow, these totally huge Juicy eyeglasses with no lenses are sooooo cute and totally match my pink Juicy Palestinian scarf!" and your dad is going to replace his Bill Gates glasses with anther pair of Bill Gates glasses in order to be "hip."


Simone said...

the other night i was out and about in the big city and i seriously couldn't believe the number of young MEN on i saw, just on the subway or on the subway platform, wearing terrible bill-gates esque glasses (only not the wire-rimmed ones, like, the kinda clear brownish-amber colored ones) without lenses. like, what? it was at least 3 or 4, just in the period of about an hour.

M said...

i know! i mean, the first person to wear these glasses was a douche and all, but people placing them on their face at this point are sooo stupid/uncreative. it's like the whole point of wearing those glasses is that they're supposed to be so whimsically unexpected, but then when 99.9% of people at the williamsburg top on the subway are wearing them, they're just another bland uniform.

also, come on, dorky glasses with no lenses? this is just the whole buddy holly glasses thing over again! but less aesthetically pleasing! gerard, you know what i'm talking about!