Thursday, October 11, 2007

How Not to Wear High-Waisted Jeans

For awhile, I have kind of wanted a high-waisted pair of jeans, to wear in a 1970s /Dazed and Confused kind of way (For some reason I've been really into the 70's lately.) However, I'm not really sure if I could pull them off, or if having hips will make them look awful and awkward, or whatevs. I do know they would have to be a dark wash with a slightly wide flared leg to balance them out. I also have vague plans to try on a pair as a blog experiment and take a picture in the mirror of a dressing room.

Well, Rhianna is wearing a pair of high-waisted pair of jeans on the always relevant TRL to the left, and man are they fugly. Why not just get a pair of acid washed Levis from 1991 then buy these probably $250 ones? So unflattering, and I can only imagine the back view. Plus that weirdo tube top/beanie hat combination looks really awkward. This is one of those outfits where some retarded stylist probably dressed her up and Rhianna was just like, "Okay!" because let's be honest, what does Rhianna ever do but follow orders? It's not like she writes her own music or anything. And that boxy, double-breasted dress-thing that the veejay (are they still called that?) is wearing's no picnic, either.


Simone said...

the girl in the ugly double breasted thing isn't a vj, she's the girl who's in the broadway musical version of "legally blonde." yeah. she's sooo ugly in the face, it looks like her nose is going to cave in or something. you should look up a photo.

and yeah, i don't think 70s-style high waisted jeans look good on anyone unless you have no hips and long legs. it's not like rihanna is especially "hippy" either- but damn, do her thighs look huge compared to her torso in those jeans!

M said...

i didn't even look at her face but, upon closer inspection, that picture of her face is hi-larious! it looks like her head was reattached but made smaller and she is making an expession that indicates shw knows this all happened.

anyway, she's sure to go far.

Anonymous said...

Ever smash the head of a Barbie doll down onto the neck too far? That's what the blonde looks like.