Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Have I Mentioned that Beyonce Looks Good Lately?

I just want to say again that I am glad Beyonce looks like this and is dressing like this again, instead of looking like this, even though the caption of this photo said that she should fire her stylist or whatever. Perhaps the bottom half is looking a little control-top-ish, but seriously, I love Beyonce and her bedazzled outfits and her huge weave and copious amounts of rhinestones so much. I also love that she looks curvy and womanly all the time and is wearing sheer gold hose with a bodysuit or whatever the hell that is, when most of her peers wouldn't/couldn't rock this outfit looking sickly thin.

When she wears stage clothes like these, she never looks like some trend-addicted stylist dressed her in the latest thing a la Rhianna and her high waisted pants of doom, she just looks like Beyonce. Which, as previously stated, is kind of like looking like Cher. Which is awesome.

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