Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Gawd I Wish I Was at This Party

This photo is from the after party of Jeremy Scott, the "designer." Apparently, being on the cutting edge as he is, he has discovered, perhaps for the first time, that you can wear those Palestinian scarves in a hipstery fashion. He looks like a gay 80's pirate, but not in a good way. Kanye is blazing some trails with his Wayfarers and Members Only-esque jacket. Hip! What I love about Kanye is that he has all the obnoxiousness and novelty factor of the hipster set, with the the typical overblown misogyny of mainstream hip hop.

Flanking them like are muse/icon Cory Kennedy and muse/icon Agyness Deyn. Of course, they do nothing except look waifish and wear neon stretch pants. When I first saw the below picture of Cory (back from rehab, I see!) I was like, "i can't believe she's wearing that ugly 80's top! It's so ugly!" But then I realized it was probably something Jeremy Scott "designed." As for Agyness, well, dying her hair back from bleach-blonde isn't doing her any favors. When people in 1986 imagined what teenage boys from the future would wear, I bet it was a little something like this ensemble.

Alright, here's another picture. It's pretty amazing. At first I thought MK was wearing a crown of thorns and then I realized it was just your run-of-the-mill peacock feather headband. But doesn't she seriously look like Jesus?


Simone said...

ohmigod, i totally saw these pictures the other day and thought EXACTLY THE SAME THING. especially about the sweatshirts. i mean, what the fuck? anyway, that's it.

M said...

the amount of blow consumed at this party must be staggering.

Simone said...

THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars, i'm sure. god, how depressing! also, did you see the nylon with cory kennedy and some other slut on the cover? MOST FUG EVER. you really should look it up.