Friday, November 23, 2007

Boot Season is Upon Us

Wow, aren't these boots nice? I guess the color combination is sort of weird, and I kind of would prefer if the brown was white, but I love the cap toe! So vintagey! They'd look great with a full skirt. They are by Steve Madden, but they're his fancy line, so they're actually by "Steven Madden" for added class. Remember when Steve Madden shoes never cost more than $60 and were always platforms? How times have changed. Steve Madden also got indicted semi-recently. In case you are wondering what he looks like I found a picture. Ugh.

Am I crazy, or are these awesome? They look like a combination of those orthopedic shoes old ladies used to wear but don't seem to much any more, and something really mod, like they were just made to be worn with a double knit, blocky 60's dress, like this only less ugly. I can't imagine these being too hot of a seller, especially since they are patent.

PS: I really called the whole "bootie" craze of aught-seven with this post, didn't I? Everyone knows all those booties are just copies of styles made in the 30's and 40's, right? Right?


Simone said...

mary, i think you're going crazy because there's no one around (me) to stop you. Those boots are ugly! God, I GUESS if those cap toed ones were black and white, they'd be okay, and basically an exact copy of chanel last year. Those other ones, though... dude. I don't even know what to say. And this 70s thing is getting out of control. I don't even know you anymore, man!

Anonymous said...

i dont want you guyses friendship to perish over a gosh darn pair of boots and a certain persons obsession with a certain decade! you hear me?

blog nice together,

M said...

i knew this was going to happen! (and i sort of agree that i'm going crazy because there is no one there to stop me.)

it's okay because simone pretends she doess't like it when i bid on onesies or wear aquanette's clothes in real life but i know she really finds it inspirational, at least in a way.