Monday, November 19, 2007

I Love the 70's : Part One of a Series

I don't know why exactly, but lately, I have been really obsessed with the 70's. I kind of feel like the 70's were the last hurrah in terms of well-designed and unique everyday objects like toasters and televisions, and the way everything was always brown and orange and avocado green is kind of cool even though technically those colors are kind of fug.

Another thing about the 70's is that feminism started to come into the mainstream, and, for a brief period, was actually kind of cool. Looking at 70's ads, you see all these images of grinning women doing karate kicks and or being park rangers or what have you because suddenly it was hip to not be a docile housewife or generally passive looking (for brief time.)

Also, something about being a 1970s youth in a Dazed and Confused type of way, driving around in your car and smoking pot because apparent;y you didn't get in trouble for that or something and listening to songs like Brontosaurus by the Move and Sweetleaf by Black Sabbath (songs I would link to if I had the internet smarts) that are kind of like dumb rock songs, but in a good way. I used to be into the 70's because of Richard Hell and stuff, but now the more mainstream aspects of the decade are calling to me.

Anyway, I think this obsession may have began when I lost out, on eBay, on the onesie pictured above. It's by the classic 70's jeans brand "Landlubber" and I think about it kind of a lot. At first bidding on it seemed like a joke, but as the onesie-less days have gone by, I'm starting to think these denim-shortalls may have filled a hole in my heart. Anyway, I really need a pair now and if any of you see these in real life or the internet, you have to make sure I own them really soon.

So here are a few pictures of the 70s that I am into. I have a lot more, so I'll probably do another 70's post pretty soon. Maybe tomorrow! Who knows?
Look at all these active ladies (except the one who is getting the man to change her tires, but whatever.) I also love the quote next to the woman in the pool.

Whatever is going on with Joan Jett's boots (it looks scenic) in this photo, it's amazing.

This is a film still from a Pam Grier movie (Coffee?) and boy are those bellbottoms fabulous. The whole set-up of the shot and the colors are really great.
For the past ten years or so, I have been planning- when I have some money-to have a custom made velvet suit in the style of Mick's here, with a tight fit and bellbottoms. It's going to be dark purple. Anyway, this photo is amazing on many levels.

I just stole this photo of this kid's 1970's era bar mitzfah off the internet. I love the lady on the left's boots and skirt combo, and the way photos from this decade often have this kind of glowy yellow light.


Simone said...

I was going to write a whole long comment about how i wrote a massive term paper in college about the appropriation of feminist imagery/language by advertisers (ie, "you've come a long way, baby) but I'm too tired. sigh.

M said...

it's okay, i know the gist of it.