Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How Boys Should Dress

Here are some photos I saved on my computer of men's fashion. Today's theme is the well-groomed, 20's-esque dandy (not to be confused with the more adorned, foppish, 19th century dandy that I also enjoy.)
This is from some fashion spread. It is the gayest picture ever and I love it. Something about severely side-parted hair is so very retro and neat. Clearly they are all listening in through the door at the boys school on to other boys with side-parted hair jerking each other off.

These guys opened up a Viktor & Rolf fashion show last year. The mist, the tailcoats, the aforementioned side-parted hair, it's all so silent film. I love that they are dancing together too.

This is a film still from somewhere (sorry, I should really be checking my sources here), also looking more than a bit gay. I love that roll-neck cardigan with the tie, it's so proper-1920's man and looks so neat and cozy at the same time. It looks like he is wearing a high collar with rounded tips instead of pointy ones, which is also very 20's.

This is from The Sartorialist, and I think the guy is dressed for some Scottish something or other. Anyway, it is all pretty amazing, especially the matching tartan suitcase. Pulling off a double-breasted blazer with shorts is no mean feat, you know?

I'm pretty sure this is from Clara Bow's It (anyway, it's definitely Clara Bow) where she plays a shopgirl wooed by some homosexuals and wears lots of cute clothes. I love how, in silent films, men always wore tons of eyeliner with their perfect suits. I think this might have been some sort of holdover from stage makeup, and it always makes everyone seem like that much more of a glamorous dandy. The man in the forefront has the high rounded collar again, a cut-away jacket, and baggy pants- kind of a fancy version of the Charlie Chaplin look I talked about in an earlier post.
This is from the same fashion spread as the top pic. The plaid shirts and sweaters and vests look very 40's altogether.

This is from a Gucci fashion show at some point. I love the three-piece suits and the way they are all looking so ultra-snotty with their champagne flutes.
I guess I liked this image because it looked old even though it's just the kid who played Cedric in the Harry Potter movies. On second thought, he looks kind of thuggish compared to the more neatly-turned out men in this post. Where is your tie, young man?
This is from the Sartorialist too. Ohmygod, he's got a monocle! He looks like Teddy Roosevelt, and the way his red vest and handkerchief goes with his gray suit is great.


Anonymous said...

This post really proves that when it comes to fashion, you can check your preconceived notions about well dressed men and homosexuality at the door!

Also, based on like two days of reading the Sartorialist, it seems that there is more dandyism among potentially straight black men. Where are the 250 lbs white men in shiny red three piece suits with a matching hat and handkerchief?

Simone said...

ohmigod, that's a shawl-collar, not a rolled collar! puh-leeze, woman.

Remember that photo I sent you of Gaultier with Coco Rocha at the Met Costume Institute ball? He was also wearing an adorable, 20s looking suit. Also, you should check out photos of the show "Mad Men," goddamnit it is a good-looking show. And the men all wear suits. Also, the head secretary is a busty redhead and you know how I feel about those... anyway, yeah. that's all.

SaricaMeow said...

Lady I enjoy your blog very much!
These men look fab, and reading your posts make me laugh; your critical and tasteful eye is most understood

M said...

wow, the first compliment i have recieved from a non-friend about my blog. this is really historic. thank you, saricameow! and i like your clock dress.

dear dan, i know, i appreciate that the sartorilaist takes lots of photos of dandyish black men, and old black men in harlem and stuff. that guy with the pink tie and the cigar was so cool.

dear simone, look, i'm not a fashionoligist. what is this "mad men?" is it some homosexual british comedy show isaiah made you watch?