Saturday, July 21, 2007

Definitely not an Alaia

I know I said I kind of had a thing for jumpers, in a certain context, but let me tell you: this ain't it. The Tyler Argyle jumper, with its psuedo-primary color scheme and loose fit, is really infantilizing. It's basically a floppy tube, made out of the crappiest/grossest feeling of all materials, polyester-spandex. Ugh. and the pattern is so Cher Horowitz it's not to be believed. Can you imagine an adult walking around in this? On the plus side, I think the model is real cute.


Simone said...

Oh, delias. how you've let us down, time and time again. and yet we keep coming back, to browse through your supple cheaply-printed pages, to gasp in shock and horror at the seemingly infinite number of vintage-print fake-wacky tshirts that grace your thinly-bound volumes. What is this hold you have on us ladies of a certain age?

M said...

delia's is like church to us- we've just been accustomed to it since a young age, and there are some bonds that just can't be broken.