Monday, July 16, 2007

Ring Ring

"Ohmygod, I got the most amazing thing at Value Village the other day...It's like a sweatshirt, but it's made out of a synthetic knit fabric, the kind that feels like it's sweating on its own?....Yeah....kind of greasy to the touch....Well, anyway, it has big, cropped sleeves, and it's banded in black around the cuffs, collar and hem...Mmm-hmmm, totally!...But here's the best part- it's hot pink with pandas all over it....Like from the wardrobe of a 1980's Chinese child.....yeah, I think I'll look like a marshmallow too....I don't know, maybe I'll tuck it into my high-waisted, pleated shorts, or some lime green skinny jeans....Of course I'll add my Wayfarers! You know we're not allowed to stop wearing them until May 2008, when those John Lennon glasses are set to make another ironic comeback...What? You have to go?...Well, I'll see you at The Knife concert....bye!"

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