Sunday, July 22, 2007

How to look Like Someone You Would Avoid on the Bus

I had saved the above picture awhile ago, not just because the model looked like she should be raving on a street corner with track marks on her arms, but because the top (probably Chloe or something) was the ultimate in blousy, sacky, unflattering fug. (In fact, it looks a lot like the "dress" in the post below.) I especially like how it shows off her bony, concave sternum- it's like looking at the underside of a sting ray! Anyway, then the same top showed up again, on a real, live (though rather dead looking) human being.

I've already criticized Kirsten Dunst for wearing floppy gray things and going (unsuccessfully) braless, but I would have hoped she would avoid the whole "meth addict chic" aura that surrounds this charming ad campaign. However, I was wrong. She totally went with that, and raised me a jean jacket. My goodness, are these images horrifying. Not unlike the idea that actual money- several hundreds, I imagine- of actual dollars, was spent on this top, soon after someone actually selected it as a good thing to buy, and eventually- the worst crime of all, perhaps- putting it on their person.

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Simone said...

Dr. Sunken Tits INDEED.