Monday, July 2, 2007

Return of the Ugly Shorts, Part III: The Bulge of Doom

Those high-waisted Topshop shorts I've already mentioned twice in this blog have made another appearance on some street style blog, once again over-accessorized with some kicky nautical pieces. These shorts are perfect when you want your bottom half to look like a rectangular block, with a bit of a crotch bulge to add pizazz.

And sorry to be a traditionalist, but shorts are for bare legs, when it's hot out, not to be worn with a pointless scarf, black tights, white Keds (actually, don't wear white Keds with black tights ever) , a gold quilted purse, and yellow sunglasses. Do that, and you run the risk of having someone in a denim vest out-classing you.

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Anonymous said...

Hate those kind of Tights..if she were my daughter i would cut them up and Bin them.[the Tights]Elizabeth