Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Uppers, Downers, and All-Arounders

Oh Emma Watson! First you tell Parade magazine (I was going to make fun of Parade magazine, but I just read a post on GFY making fun of Parade magazine in relation to Emma Watson, so I guess I won't) that you think it's great Hermione isn't afraid to be smart and that you are "a bit of a feminist." (How British/adorable!) and then you wear this very awesome, campy, Valley of the Dolls-esque dress, which has pills allover it. Seriously, this dress is so weird! (Apparently it is Chanel.) Can you imagine like, Hayden Pannetierre or whatever that whore's name is wearing a dress like this? No, you cannot.

Also, this photo of you reacting to Daniel Radcliffe's homotastic Details magazine photo shoot is amazing. When I saw that, I seriously thought that was just his face pasted on the body of George Michael. Who is styling this kid?

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