Monday, July 9, 2007

A Study In Originality

Ohmygod, if I see one more pair of Wayfarer-inspired sunglasses I am totally going to puke. I really have nothing against this style, but after having to look at the nine billionth person wearing them, they have gotten really annoying. I mean, the Wayfarer has always been a classic shape, and it's not any better looking than it was two years ago, but people are latching onto them now like they have never before been available. And FIY honey, they're pinching your nose, so they don't fit.

Secondly, don't wear a blousy linen tank top as a dress and belt it with a star and moon themed belt. Also, don't add a really tailored blue leather bag that is meant to go with less casual and summery outfits. Thirdly, don't be such a trendy douche.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very cute looks like a great summer outfit ! Lovin the Wayfarer Sunglasses.