Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This look is from the French street style site Face Hunter, aka "Douche City."Looking at 90% of the photos of these fashionistas really makes me want to vom. Everyone, who got their picture attending events with names like "Accelerated Youth Launch Warehouse Party" is wearing, like, a huge batwing blouse tucked into shorts tucked into leggings tucked into slouch boots with neon nu rave makeup and pursing their lips and posing as if their life depended on it. They all look really self satisfied and are wearing too many accessories. To give you an idea, the comments on this particular post have someone called "eurobrat" saying, "Love the guy in the red cardigan."

The specimen on the left is wearing a sweater that looks like it came from Talbots (the Republican mother store) circa 1989. To flash it up, he's added a necklace, a metallic top, some sort of wispy mullet, black satin leggings, and a really, really ugly pair of white hi-tops that look like the sneakers the unpopular kids got at Costco in 8th grade. I believe they were called "Court Classics." I mean, this look makes some failed attempts at glam but just winds up frumpy/so hideously ugly that it's kind of painful. To be honest, it makes me kind of physically angry, so I'm going to have to stop now. Also, why do I have a "hipsters" tag? Everything on this blog is a hipster fashion crime. You could say this guy is their king, but he's really just another minion.

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Gaby + Simone said...

can you imagine how bloody my knuckles would be if i went to an event photographed by facehunter? i mean, from punching douches in the face.