Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hel Looks: Sofia

To the untrained eye, Sofia's blouse may look like a bunch of third graders embellished a silk Goodwill shirt, but all non-peasants would recognize it as the "most exclusive gift" Sofia has ever received. I mean- duh! You can't find lace trim and primary-colored balls just anywhere!

Anyway, the top is hideous on its own, but then your eyes are drawn to the random belting going on, in the form of a huge elastic red waist belt that takes up half her midsection. (Supposedly, the belt over the blouse look is on its way out, but it's obviously not dead yet.) And in case all that wasn't enough, there's always a pair of shiny blue legging-looking pants to cuff above your socks and pumps combo. And why not top it off with a swingy leather purse? Those aren't really ugly/just old enough for hipsters to start wearing ironically again or anything.

In her interview, Sofia says she likes "simple clothes." I guess by "simple" she means "like what everybody wears, but more shiny and clown-like."


Gaby + Simone said...

On my jetblue flight from new york to san francisco last week, the woman sitting next to me was wearing a white button-down shirt, randomly belted with a wide black leather belt. She laughed out loud to the jokes george bush made at the white house correspondants dinner which was being broadcast on cnn. A mere coincidence? I think not.

sarah said...

dude. i beg to differ this outfit is fucking gorgous. just an opinion, but i love the red white and blue, i love the silouette, the belt is flabbergasting and the detailing on the blouse is at once fun, childlike and totally irrevrant. it's probably just a question of different tastes.

Its Tishy said...

OMG!!! I HATED this in the 70's & 80's, WHY WHY WHY is it back!!!! Why are all these HORENDOUS fashions from the past coming back???? This is's soooo bad..i can't even look at it again.