Monday, April 16, 2007

More Signs of the Oncoming Apocalypse

The image of this hipstered out eight year old came from yet another fashion blog. Apparently everyone thinks dressing your kid like the guy from Fall Out Boy is ultra-charming. Well, I don't think so. I think it's gross. Your kid is not an accessory. Your kid will not appreciate when goes through puberty and looks back on pictures of himself dressed ironically with overly styled neo-British invasion hair and tapered jeans. Plus the Palestinian scarf! What the fuck? Do you think this kid understands the situation in Palestine or something?

What do you think he's listening to on his iPod? (Um, aren't those like $300 or something?) Lightning Bolt? That "!!!"band? Some nu rave? What's really horrifying is to think of what his parents look like. They're probably so trended out of their minds they're writhing on the sidewalk in acid-wash somewhere, choking on their own leggings.


Gatesca Pantomima said...

the chocking on his leggings image made me laugh irl

really, this kid makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, and how is he supposed to play in the mud with all those trendy clothes??

M said...

i also think it's significant that this kid is ALREADY looking sooo out of fashion.