Monday, April 23, 2007

Who Wears Ultra High Waist Short-Shorts?

Through my internet detective work, I was lucky enough to get both a stock photo of these shorts, as well as them on an actual human being. So, if you looked at the pic on the right and thought "But maybe they'd work on a body", now you'd know that thought would be wrong.

The girl on the right looks really, really lumpy and shapeless in this Ultra High Waist Short, though I doubt she really is. They create a blocky, rectangular figure, and they really don't work with that dishrag of a tank top, which adds to the overall sloppiness and shapelessness (I guess I would suggest a fitted white blouse for a more flattering, 40's look, but what I really suggest is burning these shorts.)

Ohmygod, looking at the shorts gallery is like being flashed back to a hot summer day at Great America Theme Park in San Mateo, circa 1991. Look at these! And these! I'm gonna get a perm and gel my bangs and add some Keds and work it.

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Gaby + Simone said...

is this stuff from,like, the kate moss collection? because i imagine her shit must be totally fugly. i haven't looked at it myself, yet.