Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Liked It: A Rare Occurrence Concerning Kirsten Dunst

I am not, generally, a fan of Kirsten Dunst: she seems to specialize in the sacky, bland kind of Urban Outfitters-esque look that so many "hip" young ladies seem to strive for today, and the fact that she is (supposedly) set to play Debbie Harry (a personal fashion icon) makes me nauseated. Debbie Harry really specialized in the flashy and fierce, whereas Kirsten Dunst specializes in wearing gray t-shirts and jumping around in her underwear and not wearing a bra. Actually, I know the real reason I hate Kirsten Dunst, and it's because I read an interview with her in Seventeen magazine when she was like fifteen, and she asserted that all her friends called her "Kiki" and if that doesn't make you hate someone when you are fourteen than nothing will.

But, the point is, Go Fug Yourself hated on this look of Kiki's at the Oscars, but I have to admit, I love it. I love the tiny little collar, the red lipstick, the bangs, the marabou trim, the fact that she looks like a cross between a schoolgirl and a 1930's vamp. If this dress were in any other color, I agree, it would be a tad too much. But in the silvery gray, I think it looks totally unique and lovely. It's fun, playful, and a little strange without being obnoxious. And I'd much rather see this than the glittering sack I'm sure was her second choice.

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Gaby + Simone said...

hah, i actually like that dress too- but she always wears everything too saggy, like falling off her. it's not fitted enough. she's too fucking skinny. it's gross. also: bad posture.