Monday, April 16, 2007

Long in the crotch: A Post About shorts

These shorts were on sale at H&M. My friend and I traveled all around this store and others, taking photos of offending items, and these really topped the list. Sure, their beige color and linen fabric are real ugly, but let’s get to the outstandingly fugly here: the exxxxxxxtra long crotch. Why?

I wish I’d tried these babies on, because I’m sure the back view would have been pretty amazing. I mean, who hasn’t looked for something high in the waist with a nice foot-long drop from waist to crotch? Simone referred to the shorts as a “burlap loincloth”, which I feel is 100% accurate. The real mystery is: Who bought these? And what were they trying to hide?

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Nicole Milman said...

I just found your blog and am having a grand time chuckling at your observations and photos. You seem like someone who it would be fun to sit in a mall with and people watch. I also love Twin Peaks and 30s dresses, and lament that no one dresses like that anymore unless there is a themed cocktail party. Let's ban flip flips too!