Monday, April 16, 2007

What's That Dangling Off Your Neck?

As supportive as I would like to be to DIY and independent designers, this "Huu Chi Mama Necklace" (get it? get it?) from is one wildly awful thing to hang around your neck. I saw this necklace (if you can call it that) being raved about on a fashion blog recently and was quite horrified. The orange thing on the end is a video cassette rewinder (Why? Is that supposed to be useful somehow?) and obviously the things hanging off the chain are tapes. Why use recorder tapes, though? I think regular size cassette tapes would add that extra pop this subtly elegant piece of jewelery needs.

Cassette tapes as hipster fashion has been a long-running trend that appears to finally be on the outs, but there's still time to slip on this monstrosity. Just don't do any dancing, or you might hit someone in the face with that totally retro orange thing and scar them for life. Of course, if this one is too dainty for you, there's always this charming option.

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