Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hel Looks: Our Friend Sasu

Sasu, who is inspired by "90's Rave and Gortex shoes" (Do you know how many times I've heard 90's rave being cited by fashion-y people as a source of inspiration? More than zero times, which is way too many.) is one of those people who I'd point out to, like, my mom and be all, "Ugh! Hipster fashion!" and she'd say, "Him? But he looks homeless!"

I think he looks more like an early 90's punk crossed with Micheal Jackson crossed with someone who steals the souls of children in an Alabama barn, but the point is, it's not good. Is Sasu, who is only supposed to be 24, really going to look back in this outfit and think, "I'm glad I tucked those tapered plaid leggings into my white Reeboks?" Or, perhaps, "That baby blue and black leather short-sleeved jacket with the sweaty backwards white baseball cap- it took my look to the next level."

What's so curious to me is the fact that his shoes are Raf Simons and shirts are Comme des Garcons, meaning they cost upwards of $200, if not upwards of $500, but he still has the head of someone who slept last night in the bus station.

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Its Tishy said...

WOW...i actually laughed out loud when i saw botfriend looked me like i was a nutjob!

I found your blog about an hour and a half ago and i have to say I AM HOOKED!! i love it! I hope you post alot..i'll be checking this blog daily!