Monday, January 29, 2007

Worst of the Worst

The photo to the right is of a "clothing" "designer" named "Carrie Mundane" (Hey, guess what? You're only allowed to name yourself something like that if you're in X, okay?), "designer" of a line unfortunately (but appropriately) titled Cassette Playa. That's right- cassettes! Remember the early 90's when we totally listened to tapes all the time and then remember the 2000's where, like, we draw pictures of them with hearts on them, and like, referenced them all the time because it's soooo cool? And "playa" is a nod to the "hood", which is ALSO really fun to embrace ironically, especially if you are some privileged white rich kid who clearly has connections to famous people and that's why we keep hearing about your ugly clothes?

First of all, the website, if you haven't gone to it yet, is purposely designed to look crappy, but with lots of neon and graphics that are supposed to make us nostalgic for 1992. Her clothing line, which really celebrates the coked-out hipster in all of us, also is supposed to make us nostalgic for 1992, and is full of looks like this one. (Yes, that's something someone, after being seduced by the too cool for school wacky backgrounds and mullet wigs- mullet wigs, people!- has paid money for.)

What is wrong with people in their early twenties? How about, instead of dressing like the early 90's threw up all over you, in the most faddish, trendy, hideously ugly way possible, how about, I don't know, coming up with something new? How about appreciating something for being genuinely attractive and aesthetically pleasing instead of just how ironically cool it is? How about not being a massive tool wearing pleated turquoise Bermuda shorts? How about it?

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