Tuesday, January 23, 2007

House of Pain's "Jump Around"

The current jumper trend kind of came out of nowhere, but guess what? I don't hate it. It does look stupid a lot of the time, but sometimes it looks cute in a playful, mod way. In fact, when I started seeing jumpers everywhere, I thought to myself, "Hmmm, I never thought of wearing a jumper. Maybe I should get in on that." But it's hard to actually purchase and wear something that's so popular at the moment- sometimes it's better to wait out the trend to make sure you really like it and aren't just swept up in a trendy fervor.

Anyway, though jumpers can look cute, they often don't. They often look Clarissa Explains It All-ish or like you are wearing your little sister's school uniform. I'm sorry to the girl on the left, who is wearing a jumper I saw at Anthropologie, but this look doesn't even get Clarissa status. It's really more Charles in Charge-ish. I know this jumper was probably at least $80, if not $240 or whatever ridiculous prices that store charges now, but seriously, this is a look that should not be repeated, let alone re-made. It hangs off the body because it lacks real shape, the mustard color (which, puzzlingly, appears to be the hot shade of the season) is a real hard sell, and the super 80's (I'm sorry to mention the 80's again, but the unmitigated 80's resurgence is so puzzling to me) styling brings up the trendiness factor while upping the all-important "Why pay so much for something when you could get something equally foul for $5 at a thrift store?" factor.

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