Sunday, January 21, 2007

That Whole Played-Out MisShapes Thing

Could this guy look any more like a douche? He is on some "street style" website, I don't know which one. Maybe he is French, or Czech, or something. Who cares. I just can't believe people who dress like this are still being photographed as if they have something to offer us, and people are still like, "Wow, I can't believe he dared to wear an early 90's Mickey Mouse sweatshirt with nerd glasses! Could he be more cutting edge?"

This whole ironic 80's gold jewelery/ironic Disney clothing/bandanna/Goodwill glasses was always obnoxious. Dressing purposely ugly and out-of-date as some sort of postmodern joke has been perhaps the worst sartorial trend of this young century, and just goes to show what shallow aesthetics us young people have today. It's like we can't even tell what we like and what we like "ironically" any more. But what makes it even worse is that is the 358,9456th guy to dress like this, and he's still being plastered all over the internet like it's some kind of revelation. This guy is my enemy.

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