Monday, January 22, 2007

Ugly UO Item of the Day

Man, this Kimchi & Blue Mexican Blanket Sweater sooo ugly. At first you think, what were they thinking? But after much consideration, I guess they were trying to go with that boho/hippie/MK Olsen/"Oh, I just threw on this ratty old defeated-looking sweater that I found on the ground" type of thing. Only that type of thing pretty much never works, and reimagining it in the colors of a Fruitopia commercial from the mid 90s's doesn't work either. It kind of has that "Grandma's afghan" look, but is way uglier, and the description of the garment on the website (Yes, it does contain the phrase Aye carumba!) indicated they were trying to go with a cringe-inducing "ethnic" thing.

The model knows what's up. She knows never to wear something that has "blanket" in the title. That's why she's giving us all that bitter but sassy-looking smirk.

Pick this up at your local Urban Outfitters- it's a real steal at $88, especially considering it's acrylic. Even though 99% of the people who buy this will be white and suburban, maybe they can tell people their abuelita knitted it for them in Mexico or something. Just throw on their Tibetan prayer beads and Chinese slippers that they also got at Urban Outfitters to complete the look.

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