Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Liked It

Here's a new feature I just invented, entitled "I Liked It." This feature is for when everybody else thinks an outfit someone wore was really ugly, but I liked it. This is inspired by the time Beyonce had huge hair and wore gold hot pants to the Grammys or something- I'll post on that later.

Anyway, Go Fug Yourself made fun of this look, worn by Rinko Kikuchi of that movie Babel, which looks kind of racist and annoying even though I haven't seen it (Why isn't it about Brad Pitt getting shot and Cate Blanchett saving him? Wouldn't that be way more interesting? I feel like that whole movie must be Brad Pitt yelling, "Damn it, listen to me, you evil foreigner! I have to save my wife!")

Anyway, this dress kind of looks like she is being attacked by sea creatures. And it's happening in the ocean, and they're all hovering around her ankles. Which is a lot more interesting, and pretty, than, like, whatever Jennifer Garner wore. It's an unusual look- perhaps even a weird one, but it's such a light, well-crafted, beautifully made dress in a soft color (I mean, it wouldn't have worked in hot pink) and she's wearing it with minimal accessories, and I think she's really cute. It's refreshing to see something sort of witty and playful than another reedy, botoxed starlet strapped into yet another glittering prom dress.

PS: Speaking of which, what the hell happened to Rose McGowan? She used to be so pretty and normal looking, and now she looks like Teri Hatcher.


Gaby + Simone said...

You wanna know what's up with Jennifer Garner's dress? Rachel Zoe. that's what.

Anonymous said...

I also loved this dress! I think a lot of times, GFY has a problem with dressing for any reason other than maximum prettitude, like they don't really seem that into "fun" clothes or clothes that are funny or whatever. I mean, obvs I love GFY, but don't you ever kind of get the feeling they wish everyone on earth had, like, Gwyneth Paltrow-circa-1996-style? This is Gaby ut I don't know how to sign in the comments section the way Simone does.

xoxo Gaby