Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ugly UO Item of the Day: Played Out

This Lux Cropped Sunset Dolman is one of those pieces of clothing that makes you ask, "Isn't this trend over?" The item description boasts that it's "finished at the front with washed and faded retro-style graphics."

I ask you: haven't we had enough with the faded, retro-style graphics? I remember coveting a t-shirt made by, like, Dawls in some catalogue when I was in eighth grade that had a faded retro style graphic on the front that said "The Pink Fairy Motel" or something on it. That was 1998. So, here, we are, nine years later, and the powers that be are still trying to be all, "Hey, does this look like it came from a thrift store or what?" The truth is, it's STILL not that hard to find an ugly old t-shirt at an actual thrift store that advertises some sort of cheesy destination that you can then, in turn, wear ironically. You can get one for real, instead of paying $32 for this terrible offering. But why would you want to?

Need I mention the dolman sleeves, the cropped cut, or the Flashdance style neckline? Once again the model looks pissed, or maybe like she is going to cry, and I don't blame her. This cotton-poly nightmare is offered in three gorgeous colors, so don't miss out! After all, this hot, innovative "faded retro-style graphics" trend may not last another nine years.

1 comment:

Celia Pleete said...

Oh my god, that is bloody hideous.

I hate those shirts. I hated them when they were out before. I hate the whole "remember when we all dressed like this?" false nostalgia.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!
Thanks for ripping it to shreds.